Property Management. Reimagined.

Property Management. Reimagined.
We're a Vancouver-based property management company focused on giving home owners greater control and more rental income with short-term rentals.

Why Go Short-Term with Us?

We Love Hosting
We're very passionate about making people from all around the world feel like the comfort of their own home.
Fully Control Your Property
BC tenancy act takes a lot of power away from home owners, but with short-term rentals you're in full control! You get to do what you want, when you want.
Earn More Rental Income
Properties listed on short-term rental platforms earn at-least 10% more rental income compared to traditional long-term tenants.
Spotless Like Never Before
We strive for 5-star ratings which means we're obsessed with keeping the house clean and tidy so it makes our guests feel at home.
Deals for Your Friends/Family
We offer special rates for yourself and your friends & family for when they are visiting town and need a place to stay.
Official City License
Everyone in Vancouver is entitled to get a license and run short-term rentals on their primary residence. We empower home owners to do this with ease.

Why Choose Us?

Keep Control
Maintain full ownership of your property & listings. Receive recurring payments directly to your bank account.
No Contracts
No commitments, onboarding fees, cancellation fees or hidden fees of any kind. We only make money when you do.
1500+ 5-Star Reviews
Since 2018 we design premium rental listing that with the help of our cleaning team have generated over a thousand 5-Start reviews across all the properties managed by us.

What to Expect?

Smart Pricing
We help boost your occupancy rate and regularly update your prices according to the season and local events.
Quick Responses
We promptly reply to all guest requests to ensure you won’t miss out on any potential reservations.
4.5+ Stars
Your guests will be delighted by our service, guaranteeing 90%+ Review score or your money back!

Our Team:

Operations Manager
Account Manager
Joseph Rose
Account Manager

Customer Testimonies:

"I was very impressed with how they helped me setup my listings and earn more than I could ever imagine on my townhouse, thank you!"
"Very satisfied with their Airbnb property management services so far. I hired Short-Term Realty 3 months ago after switching from longterm tenant."
"They helped me get my license from the city of Vancouver and increase rental income by 25% which I could have never imagined! will recommend to all my friends"
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